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About us

Bali refit is Okinawa Aesthetic school sister’s company in japan. Bali refit opened in Sanur as Spa, Salon & School. We have a professional therapist and also work as our spa school instructor with long experience in spa. Please try and feel our staff deep experience massage skill.

It becomes a basic salon menu.
The time may be slightly back and forth.
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Balinese body massage
The deep thumb pressures pushing pressing and circling along and around the body`s energy meridians to break down tensely knotted muscles and stimulate the body lymphatic system into releasing its self regenerative power.
Rp. 190.000/ 60 min
Indonesian traditional massage
The deep thumb pressure is improve blood circulation, releves tension, relax the muscles and release stress.
Rp. 280.000/90 min
Refit original massage
Shiatsu, thai and Balinese mixed massage technique
Rp. 260.000/60 min
Lomi lomi massage
Lomi lomi is hawaian traditional massage technique than run the length of the body. The goal of lomi lomi massage is to clear blockages in the body`s natural flow of energy through the body.
Rp. 220.000/60 min
Lymphatic massage
Activate the flow of lymph fluid and excrete waste matter from the body.
Rp. 220.000/ 60 min
Japanese shiatsu
Shiatsu techniques include massage with fingers, thumb, feet and palm. Applying pressure to specific points on the body to relieve chronic pain, muscle fatigue and metabolic function and improve range of motion.






Facial by Biokos
Begin with face cleansing followed by gentle exploitation to remove the skin cells thoroughly the face massage face massage included decollete massage finally face mask is applied to tighten the skin followed by skin conditioning.
This treatment using “BIOKOS” products.
Rp. 170.000/ 60 min
Lift up facial
The slack face line is also refreshed and the small face effect is achieved!
Massage to the décolleté.
Rp. 230.000/70min
Pores cleaning facial conditioning.
Includes face cleansing and than face washing followed by gentle exploitation to remove the skin cells, oil up treatment thoroughly the face massage included decollete massage followed by extraction finally face mask is applied to tighten the skin followed by skin conditioning.
Rp. 260.000/70min


Reflexology ( calf area) Rp. 60.000/30min
Reflexology (on the bed)
Begin with foot bath than reflexology ( sole, instep, calf, thigh)
Rp. 90.000/60min






Dry head spa(Includes decollete)
Head spa is a Japanese treatment that is the best ways to relax.
Lie on the bed, without shampoo or oil head spa treatment.
Rp. 80.000/40min
Creambath & shoulder ( include neck massage)
The cream applied to the hair and followed by nourishing scalp and hair massage. The treatment is be completed with neck and shoulder massage.
Rp. 150.000/60min




A Footbath → Balinese body massage(60) → Creambath(60) or Facial(60) Rp. 350.000/ 120 min
B Footbath → Balinese body massage(60) → Scrub(30) → shower(15) → Lift up facial(60) → Dry head spa(15) Rp. 555.000/180 min
C Footbath → Indonesian traditional massage or Refit original massage or Hot stone(each 90min, Choose one) → Scrub(30) → shower(15) → Facial(45) → creambath(60) → Light meal Rp. 730.000/240 min
Steamed Moringa
※ Can be combined with package courses A to C above
Rp. 200.000/30 min
In case of set Rp.120,000

The number in ( ) is the treatment time (minutes).
Hair vitamin gifts for those who book a course!



Make up tattoo



2-3 times free retouching.( Appointment required )
Eyebrows Rp.3,000,000
Eyeliner ( each) Rp.1,600,000
Eyeliner ( both) Rp.2,500,000

We also have a school for art makeup.
Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in Art Makeup & WAXING Course.



For more information and reservation please contact us.


In our shop we also sell a Refit original Ate bag that produce by Narmini`s who has many fans in Japan as Ate bag producer.

We also have Balinese natural cosmetic and spa product that we using in our spa, so please visit our shop for spa treatment or only for shopping.

Of course, shopping alone is Welcom!


Address:Jalan Karang Sari No.25, Sanur, Denpasar
Mobile:081239194966( sutama)
Business hours : 10:00 – 18:00

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